The majority of people love the look of fall and fall fashion due to its wonderful relaxing colors that match the leaves. The gentle breeze touches your skin, so match your accessories with your clothing with the  Love of Fall Bracelets.

The love of Fall Bracelets

  • Handmade item

    Materials: natural beads

    Bracelet length: 9 1/2 Inches


    This bracelet is a good gift to your friends, girlfriend, mom, grandmother, granddaughter, sister, etc. It is also a gift for yourself or makes a great gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc.

  • Some bracelets are durable enough for normal jewelry use while others require extra caution. To keep your bracelets as beautiful as they are now, please avoid:




    Strong impact



    For daily cleaning, please use dry cloth to remove any dusts off of your bracelets.