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“I’ve come too far to quit.”

Joellie's and Kathy's Homemade Factory was made to put together peoples' favorite characters, shows, sports, themes, etc. into a beautiful blanket or special crochet. My daughter and I have always had a passion for creativity.

The enjoyment of giving items that were made from love to family members brought us joy. We decided to broaden our arises, and share our creativity with others.


Joellie has had a passion for sewing for years. She is a hard-working woman who dedicated her life to putting together beautiful unique blankets. 

Kathy has been crocheting for years and has been in solo business for years until she started a collab with Joellie, her mother, expanding their business. 

This is a family business that takes great pride in putting love and effort into their work ensuring their clients will love their work.

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