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Although we buy the tumblers we use straight from Starbucks stores, we are in no way affiliated with the coffee chain or passing off their logo as our own. J & K Homemade Factory sells personalized drinkware, thus we also offer a service by offering the creative touch we give each tumbler. These traditions are not available in shops and have no connection to the Starbucks corporation.

Premium sticky vinyl was used to create the design on the cup. 


At the bottom of the cup, glitter collects. To get the effects, shake the cup. The glitter will eventually return to the cup's bottom. 


There are no two cups precisely alike. All rhinestones are individually hand placed. Each tumbler will have small differences in stone sizes.


Slow flow snowglobe tumbler.



Avoid heat (don't leave in a hot vehicle)

Avoid dropping

Avoid microwave

Avoid soaking tumbler

Avoid putting in dishwasher

Jack & Sally Snowglobe Tumbler

  • These snow globe tumblers have a processing time of 2 to 3 weeks.

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